While You Are Out There

While you are out there
I am here at two a.m
thinking of some poetic words to say
battling the urge to go to bed.

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The Last Tan

A festival in the east,
Swarmed by pairs of feet of excited age.
The so-called “bearers of a nations yesterday”
…but on break.

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This is a tyranny. Your smiles meant debts to me. The others are prisoners, They can’t see. That you’re helping hand is another trap. But all your schemes we now have mapped. Hold on tighter to where you are. You’ve climbed the ladder of success. Every climb from cheated steps. But I know one thing’s […]

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Summer Of ’16

But between a girl who has changed him for the better
Is nothing more for the reputation he’s trying to keep.

And the truth would be knife sharp
But you’ll never learn cause you rebel hard.

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