Kitchen Kings and Queens

The K Appetite

You do know I pretty love food and especially watching the art of preparing food. In that case, I watch a lot of TV shows that showcased just that with known celebrity chef’s. I am left fascinated with how they are so poised and confident that they don’t burn their food while doing all the talking at the same time. They also look good when they’re doing it like cooking and baking is a piece of cake. But you can clearly see that they are pretty talented and really knows what they are doing in the kitchen. They know how to make the show informative and fun and satisfying and also makes you hungry or makes you envy either their talent or the food they’re making. So I came up with this top 5 list of my favorite TV Chef personality and talk a little about their shows that  I…

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Confectionnaires Secrets

The K Appetite

Secrets of a baker special. I don’t know about you but I love watching cooking shows especially baking. A good dessert for me finishes the meal like a grand finale of the show; it wraps up everything of how the meal is and the entirety of it.

But heres the problem, the tricky thing is that you’ve gotta have the talent to bring out in the table but most importantly the magic to make it happen starting… in the kitchen.

Heads up to this secret techniques and my a quick list of great desserts to pair with each meal on the next post.

What To’s :

Chips –  Yes chips, like my beloved potato chips. It helps bring out more texture amd flavor on your baked meals like a skillet chocolate crumble pie, puddings, and even that peach mango skillet pie. Just crush it and top it gloriously on top…

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This is a tyranny. Your smiles meant debts to me. The others are prisoners, They can't see. That you're helping hand is another trap. But all your schemes we now have mapped. Hold on tighter to where you are. You've climbed the ladder of success. Every climb from cheated steps. But I know one thing's…